“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Gandhi

Do You want to make an impact on a truly Massive Level? Would you like to incorporate the most powerful strategies and tools to Live Life Being the Best version of yourself?

The key factor that Visionaries and Changemakers throughout the history of humanity have made is that they dedicated their lives to Being on a path of Mastery. Specifically they have asked themselves:

  • What is that dream lying deep within?
  • What unfulfilled or untapped potential is still waiting to be fully awakened?
  • What is the vision for my dream life?
  • How will that vision serve and positively impact humanity?
  • What is my WHY?

These are just a few of the many questions you’ll get to experience and answer in the Baja.

This experience is 100% dedicated to the path of Life Mastery with a complete emphasis on Personal Growth & Development. What most people do not know in Chiropractic is that who you are as a Human Being greatly impacts and Precedes who you are as a Chiropractor. The truth is that how you do Anything is how you do Everything!

This experience is about YOU and building YOU to become the greatest version of yourself. So we focus on serving You, so You can truly serve others. We are Master Facilitators in the world of Personal Growth and Development and we will help You discover and more fully tap into the Greatness that lies within You for Chiropractic and Beyond. There is no other experience within the chiropractic profession that compares to the Baja Humanitarian trip.

You Will:

  • Spend time each day serving the people of the Baja
  • Learn how to Serve more Powerfully and become more Potent
  • Shatter Excuses, Fears and Limiting Beliefs
  • Learn how to Communicate the Big Idea in the most Powerful & Influential ways
  • Experience Powerful Processes to Cultivate Certainty
  • Develop a Blueprint for Inner Fulfillment and Success
  • Learn the Secrets to becoming Financially Free and Living Abundantly
  • Liberate Yourself from the Internal Programming that holds you back
  • Learn the 3 Secrets to Success in Chiropractic

It’s time to stop procrastinating and playing small, it’s time to become a Chiropractic Master!

Welcome to our Annual Experience in the Baja…

We look forward to sharing this EXTRAordinary experience with you!
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Our Next Trip to
Mexico Sept 25 –
Sept 30, 2020

Trip Details

our next


Trip Details – Fri Sept 25 – Wed Sept 30, 2020

Doctors: $1088 USD
Students: $988 USD

What the trip includes:
This trip will begin at San Diego International Airport at 12pm on Friday, September 25th and ends on Wednesday, September 30th at 2pm at San Diego International Airport.

The Price includes the entire experiential process and ALL transportation, from San Diego to Mexico and back, as well as ALL transport within the trip. It also includes 5 nights accommodations in the wine country of the Baja and ALL meals. All you have to do is Fully show up in San Diego and BE ready to Grow, Transform and Serve!

Not included: Flights.

Must have a valid passport to enter Mexico
Registration is not complete until application form and signed waiver is submitted

Experiential Trip Leader: Dr. Sukhi Muker
For information please e-mail: info [@] vitalisticmasters.com

    I have read and acknowledged my institutions student handbook on adjusting policies and participating in humanitarian trips while being a student at my respective college. I understand, Vitalistic Masters, is not liable or responsible for student misconduct of their respective handbook or policies.
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The mission trip to Ensenada was phenomenal. You just can’t put into words the life changing experiences that we all had there. It started as a trip to serve people. But I feel like I became a better human being as a result of spending time and truly connecting with the people of Mexico. Dr. Sukhi provides much more than a mission trip experience. At first the trip was about serving others, but as I soon found out, it was really about me, and becoming more authentic and connected to who I was so that I could truly serve other people. This was truly one of the best experiences of my life. – Mike Adney


The reality in life is that the universe is always watching! You either embrace being informed on how to harness it’s power by masters like Dr. Sukhi, or you grind out everyday like the one before feeling resistance at every corner. His teachings on self exploration and personal growth must be the foundation of who we are and what we do. This will be the greatest evolution this profession has encountered since D.D Palmer discovered the Tonal work of Chiropractic! – Dr. Tony Janssen

Andrew Via

My experience on the mission trip with Dr. Sukhi was nothing short of a personal transformation. I was able to see, experience, and sense the depth in which chiropractic can and does change lives. In a matter of minutes you could witness how a community shifted to a place of deeper love after connecting with the group on the trip. Dr. Sukhi selflessly goes the extra mile to help you hone your skills, help to more profoundly connect with the people you serve, and inspire you to fall in love with being a chiropractor! – Dr. Andrew Via

Tanya Vinning

I went on this trip with a desire to help improve the quality of life of the people there, and left knowing that the trip achieved beyond that. After hours of witnessing the impact in the community each day, I was able to appreciate being of service from an entirely new perspective that left me feeling energetic and excited to serve. Dr. Sukhi is an amazing example of what it means to passionately and lovingly serve. The wisdom, experience and impact of this trip provided was worth more than words. -­ Dr. Tanya Dhaliwal

Going on a chiropractic mission trip with Dr. Sukhi Muker was easily the most impactful experience I’ve had in my journey towards becoming a D.C. From the experienced and personal time that Dr. Sukhi spent with all the students to the late night philosophy discussions, I was challenged to grow both in my skills as a human and the art of really connecting with the people. I can say without a doubt, that throughout my chiropractic career, I will constantly look back on my trip and the experiences I had to bring me back to the reason I chose to be a Chiropractor; to help everyone live and express life to their fullest potential. – Andrew Seppo

This was not a trip for me. This was an experience. Trips…you can leave a place and return unchanged and fall right back into a common place. Ensenada was truly an experience. I left for Ensenada with loads of fear, disconnection to myself and others and uncertainty. Not in just chiropractic but my entire life. The journey that Sukhi and many others asked me to experience has forever opened my eyes and my heart to what is possible in the universe. I experienced life in Ensenada, connection to people and they didn’t even understand my broken Spanish. They could feel me and that I was connected to them in that moment and that was the most beautiful part. Life and connection matters and chiropractic is just that…life and connection. I am forever grateful to belong on the first Chiropractic mission to Ensenada and love and serve with such amazing human beings. – Dr. Tony Miller


This mission trip has brought me deeper in merging the art of connection with the work I do. I found such sweetness and peace being in the flow of service. This trip will enrich your life and your passion for serving chiropractic. This place is special and the people who fill it have sacred potential. I left Ensenada with so much gratitude in my heart and can’t wait to go back. So many lessons of Gratitude, Trust and Love. Thank you for everyone who chose to hold space and give their heart. Adios or rather ADIO 😉 – Dr. Keiko Finnegan

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

– Gandhi