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Our vision is to create a community of masters immersed in learning and evolving a purely vitalistic health care system that’s completely aligned with post-Newtonian sciences and honours every part of a human being.

Chiropractic is about maximizing human potential.

We know that the future of chiropractic depends on this evolution. We exist to create experiences where inspiration and purpose come together empowering chiropractors to live and serve in extraordinary ways by elevating the health, well-being and consciousness of humanity. We are guides for the chiropractors on this journey that feel called to deliver this sacred service to humanity.

My life changed when I opened up. We all know what that heaviness of life and struggle feels like. The feelings of emptiness, being lost, afraid…what all of it feels like. Sukhi has opened up to me and my life and have helped me peel back the layers, the layers and walls that I was hiding behind when life would become painful. My journey has been amazing. He has helped me reconnect to myself, without judgment, without guilt. What I deeply appreciate about him is that he helps you connect to YOU. For me, that is where the change began. That is where my life began to turn. That is where my practice, my mindset, my values, my life began to change. That is when I realized my value and started making an impact that I believed in. – Dr. Tony Miller

Andrew Via

The mentorship offered by Sukhi has been positively life changing in every regard. He is uniquely gifted with the ability to sense, feel, understand, and relate to my experiences in life and in practice and then move me to a new perspective with clarity, and consistency. And above all he does it in a genuine and humble manner that leaves you feeling heard, loved, respected as well as empowered to make the changes you desire. – Dr. Andrew Via